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Expressive config and Terraria updates

· 2 min read

Host Factor now supports realtime, multistep, and dynamic config for every app as well as Vanilla and Mobile servers for Terraria.

Prior to this update, Host Factor would only allow for large blobs of JSON schema configuration. This static configuration was nice as a start but became limiting very quickly.

For example, in Terraria users can configure to use a server with TShock or Vanilla. TShock servers would allow for mods while Vanilla would not. TShock also has additional config to be applied. This variation became a big problem because it meant users are not able to use plain old Vanilla Terraria servers (which is very common).

To address this, I've given Blueprint Providers (small services that create apps for you to choose in Host Factor) the ability to provide multistep and realtime forms when updating/creating a new server. If you take the above case, after selecting Terraria, users are shown the Server type screen

Server type

When a user selects Vanilla they'll be shown the baseline server configuration options as opposed to the large amount of options that TShock offers.

Vanilla config

Now Blueprint Providers have lots of expressive ways to present configuration to users. What's better is each provider can configure their forms with just a YAML file and a method implementation for realtime feedback. This makes it trivial for Host Factor to add more streamlined and expressive config options in the future.



  • Because of the above changes, Host Factor is now able to support Vanilla and Mobile servers for Terraria.

Bug fixes

  • Terraria Infinite invasion will now properly disable