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Console commands and suspending the free tier

ยท 2 min read

Support of all console commands for Terraria and Factorio for all subscription holders and Host Factor will no longer be supporting a free tier due to cost.

Console commandsโ€‹

Host Factor now supports all console commands for Terraria and Factorio. The console commands (like the server configuration) are accessible through a simple interface, so you don't have to search for docs and dig through code.

Console commands

If you hold a subscription, you have access to these right now. If you're currently on the free tier, you will have to upgrade to gain access to this feature. Speaking of which...

Free tier suspensionโ€‹

Starting immediately, Host Factor will no longer be supporting free servers. This means if you are currently using a free server you cannot update its settings or start it. All future users will no longer be able to create free servers.

Save filesโ€‹

All current free tier holders still have read-access to their filesystem to allow you to download your files. I currently have a lifecycle policy of 90 days so make sure to download your saves before then.


A couple of months ago, I began to receive a massive spike in users (about 10x). The increase in traffic was very cool to see, but it also came with a significantly higher cloud bill. Surprisingly offering servers for free is not a very sustainable business model which means I'm really left with no choice but to suspend the free tier.

Before you ask about ads, know that I tried that and can dig into it deeper on Twitter/Medium if enough are interested.

Thanks all!



  • Console commands for Terraria and Factorio

Bug fixesโ€‹

  • Small site bugs.